Using YouTube in the classroom

YouTube is a website that allows people all over the world to share, comment and view videos. Research on the use of YouTube in Language Teaching suggests that it:

1. Increases motivation and peer-to-peer interaction
2. Improves students oral, aural and writing skills
3. Allows teachers to introduce more difficult subject matters to illustrate a point
4. Increases authenticity of tasks

YouTube can be very beneficial in the classroom, however the material has to be carefully selected and appropriate for the learners because some videos may contain inappropriate language or nudity.

Overall, I believe that YouTube clips do have a place in education but feel that it all depends on how the teacher uses the video content to support and advance learning.

2 thoughts on “Using YouTube in the classroom

  1. The use of You Tube is a very creative way that can motivate the learners to participate in various activities. I agree that the teachers should be cautious when selecting material from You Tube. I believe that they should also consider cultural implications (especially if they are teaching in a foreign country), as well as inappropriate language or nudity as you’ve already mentioned.

  2. I will soon post something about YouTube and the problem you mentioned about the materials as i feel the same way. Because the internet is open to the public, everyone can create something and share it sometimes just to be creative without sharing anything of any value. Could you provide us with a reference for these suggestions?

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