CALL and Internet Use in the EFL Classroom

There has been vast amount of debate over the past twenty years regarding the use of CALL (computer assisted language learning) in the classroom. As I am writing this using a computer and you are reading this blog via the Internet, I presume that you feel that CALL is beneficial to your teaching/learning experience.

I believe there are many advantages for students by using computers in the classroom. I feel that not only can CALL be effectively used for communicative tasks but also for correction and grammar practices. Furthermore, using the internet in your teaching can encourage critical thinking, promote collaborative learning and can be interdisciplinary.

I do realise there are limitations for using the internet. Firstly, it can be extremely difficult to find suitable materials for students as there is an abundance of information to search through. In addition, changing the level of language and appropriateness can also be very demanding for the teacher. Nonetheless, as long as the teacher is aware of the possible dangers of using the internet, I believe you can find a great deal of suitable materials which can be very useful.


2 thoughts on “CALL and Internet Use in the EFL Classroom

  1. Thanks for posting this Ali it echoes my thoughts entirely. The internet is such a vast place that it can be easy to get side tracked providing learners with poor quality materials. However, for the organised and creative language teacher it can provide an almost unlimited supply of interesting material that can be adapted for the classroom.

    Coursebooks can be limiting as activities and topics become out of date or struggle to interest learners. With the internet if used correctly you just don’t have this problem.

  2. Thank you Ali for sharing this with us. I think it summarises what we all feel about using internet in the classroom. I am particularly in favor to the idea that there is far too much information and sometimes you feel you are lost searching for specific materials. However, I do believe that there are very useful and targeted websites for any area you require. I also think it is just a matter of being experienced in searching and looking for the “correct” source where you can get information from. Good language schools should take their part and provide such supply for both teachers and learners.

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