Twitter Use

Twitter is an online social network site which allows users to send and read messages which are normally like text messages and are often referred to as “tweets”

Twitter is one of the most visited site all over the world enabling people to interact one another.This has many advantages as people can communicate with each other. This enables users to follow as many people as they like and get an update each time the person they follow tweets.

Twitter is a great form of interaction between people and is easily available especially with the latest smartphones.

Although twitter has many benefits where people can upload pictures and make new friends there are also disadvantages. Twitter can create “trolls” and cyber bullying which can affect peoples lives.

Twitter has been adopted as a communication and learning tool in educational settings mostly in colleges and universities and has been used to promote student interaction. Research has found this helps students communicate with each other, promotes informal learning and allows shy students a forum for increased participation and increases student engagement and overall course grades.