Skype is a growing form of interaction between people. Teachers and students are using Skype more and more to interact with each other as it allows students to learn about new languages and ideas. It can bring to life conversations where students can learn new languages with a class of native speakers. In addition, Skype is becoming an increasing popular tool used by a lot of overseas employers to interview potential candidates who reside elsewhere.

Learning for students can become more engaging, authentic and also inspirational when it goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. Interacting with other students from different parts of the world can help motivate students as well as make them understand cultural differences. In addition, it allows students to practice their speaking and listening skills.

For teacher’s it can be used in many ways such as having guest speakers speak to students using video conferencing, as a learning tool which can offer extra help to learners who require more information and to also use it to collaborate on classroom projects by taking advantage of the free video calls and video conferencing.

Over the next few years I believe Skype will continue to grow and will be a very useful form of interaction for students and teachers.